Is the cabin fever setting in yet? I’ll go first. I never thought I will miss going to an office so much. Give me a performance appraisal or something, just make it in-person.

Also according to the WHO — the Indian Variant of the Corona Virus will no longer be referred to as such — rather it will be called the ‘Delta’ variant. Similarly, my laptop will no longer be referred to as such either — it will be called ‘That Tippy Tappy Thing’. By Lenovo. Yes, it’s a Lenovo.

Consumer spending over the last 18 months has taken many…

So last week, in the context of Koo — we said that it’s near impossible to take on incumbents like Twitter without some form of government intervention. And this week, the government of India seems to have found itself on the cusp of banning social media platforms. This is especially ironic since the present dispensation is so adept at using social media to push its point of view. Should they succeed — India will join a rather elite club of countries banning Twitter which includes:

  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Turkmenistan

Coincidentally, Koo also raised $30Million led by Tiger Global this…

So… Crypto is down — driven mostly Beijing’s Crackdown and Elon Musk’s Tweets. Anyone hoping for a huge correction. Now is the time? Let me know what you think.

Speaking of going down. Lockdowns and Pandemics are hell on the mobility industry. The fall can be seen in daily usage.

Source : KalaGato

While reach for the larger players remained relatively static; it went down for the smaller companies.

As the world continues to melt around us here in India, we’re getting accustomed to a new and daunting realization that the Virus isn’t going away anytime soon. This wave may subside but more will come. Hopefully our ability to cope and battle them improves.

In times of crisis, it’s common for capital to flow to ‘safe haven’ assets. That’s why Gold prices often go up to during a down turn / financial meltdown and other catastrophes. Since January 1st 2020 to as I write this article on the 12th of May 2021. Up about 20% in 16 months.



Firstly, I’ve recovered from COVID now — Thank you all for your wishes. It’s hard to say anything relevant these days without talking about the Second Corona Virus Wave raging through India, The Lack of Oxygen and Governance — which today is unfortunately the same thing.

Here’s Scott Galloway Quoting our data on the unfortunate rise in people searching for Oxygen in India:

You can read more about in our last newsletter on COVID’s Second Wave & India’s Desperate Struggle for Oxygen

In a sad and telling statistic about the nature of the pandemic in India the rates of usage…

I write this even as I am recovering from COVID19. But I must consider myself lucky since I’ve been able to treat myself at home and even found medicine with relative ease. By the second day of my symptoms however — the chemist nearby had run out of Crocin (a standard over the counter paracetamol). And as the days progressed, the situation seems to be worsening.

As India reels with another wave of the pandemic, lockdowns and ‘curfews’ (lockdowns by another name) force people to stay inside, e-commerce and logistics take centerstage once again. That the pandemic has given a jump-start to e-commerce, bringing hordes of first time buyers online is well known; large conglomerates as well as Mom and Pop stores went online last year in a bid to remain in-step with changing consumer behavior.

As e-commerce grew and brands pivoted, it was MSB’s (medium and small businesses) that struggled to find footing in a disrupted market — it is here that logistics firms like…

What does it take to build a brand and rise to the very top in a mere four years?
In a market that is commoditized with cheaper no name brands at one end, and premium, global products on the other?

What name(s) come to your mind when you think of headphones/earphones?

If you’re in India, under 35 and want Value For Money (most Indians) — its most likely that you will mention a company called boAt. It’s a brand that’s caught the fancy of Indian millennials by creating a distinct position for itself and on-point delivery with its products.

To understand how the fashion sector has fared in 2020, its useful to look at it through the lens of two companies that have come to embody this space in India, Ajio & Myntra.

2020 has been a pivotal year for many sectors; E-commerce, OTT and gaming have witnessed previously unimaginable growth trajectories, while mobility and even food aggregators saw severe headwinds.

As consumer behavior went through a paradigm shift, we de-code how Amazon and Flipkart battled it out last year.

Amazon started the year with a substantial lead on penetration — however, Flipkart has closed in by December (see chart below). Both players grew reach, as more consumers shifted online during the lockdowns, however Flipkart’s 20% growth left Amazon’s 5% growth (although on a much larger base) looking low.


KalaGato is an automated audience profiling, segmentation and targeting platform that helps brands reach their customers.

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