Practo Usage Surges 3X on COVID Concerns

Firstly, I’ve recovered from COVID now — Thank you all for your wishes. It’s hard to say anything relevant these days without talking about the Second Corona Virus Wave raging through India, The Lack of Oxygen and Governance — which today is unfortunately the same thing.

Here’s Scott Galloway Quoting our data on the unfortunate rise in people searching for Oxygen in India:

You can read more about in our last newsletter on COVID’s Second Wave & India’s Desperate Struggle for Oxygen

In a sad and telling statistic about the nature of the pandemic in India the rates of usage of Pharmacy Apps in India have on average nearly doubled and, in some cases, tripled.

Source : KalaGato

A Digital Doctor Is Better than None?

The shortage of medical infrastructure in India is being filled — for the time being (and potentially for the foreseeable future) — by tech companies providing everything from medicines & lifesaving equipment to consultations with doctors.

Source : KalaGato

Practo, a platform that allows users to consult with doctors online has seen a near 3X increase in usage since the 1st of April 2021. The amount of time people are spending on online pharmacies / Consultation platforms has also seen an increase. Here too; Time Spent on Practo doubled.

For most people in India, even accessing these online pharmacies is a distant dream. That’s why Practo’s launch of support in 15 Indian regional languages is a big move. About 90% of new internet users in India are regional language speakers. English first digital platforms, however innovative — don’t solve the problem for them. MyUpchar is another company working in this space.

People are looking for everything from Oxymeters, Fabiflu to Ivermectin — all used to treat and manage cases of Corona Virus. Speaking of Oxymeters — India’s most populace state — Uttar Pradesh has found the time and resources to order ‘Oxymeters’ for cattle. Just gonna leave this here.

Stay safe; I hope & pray that you & your loved ones make it through this awful time. Do lend a helping hand if you can — here’s a list of verified NGO’s doing amazing work. Feel free to share.

Please stay safe and I pray that you and your loved ones make it through this awful time.

Thanks for your time.

- Aman

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