This is our 100th newsletter. Driven by the need to show case our data, reach out to decision makers using a cost effective medium and buoyed by the amazing feedback you guys give us — we’ve kept going.

Churning out these daily newsletters has stretched us internally, tested our creativity and pushed me personally. The team at KalaGato consists of a handful of really amazing people who go beyond the call of duty more often than not to make this all possible.

As we redesign our back end, and work overtime to create a new site for a better customer experience, we’ve decided to take our reader engagement to a higher level…how?

Later in this mail is a list of Apps (~400 of them) along with reach by installs, distributed across multiple categories and broken up according to the price of smart phones being used.

Here’s the thing about this list.

  1. The 1st 15 companies are pretty obvious. So these we’re giving this away for free.
  2. The 2nd set of 15 companies are well known and well funded. These are companies that you have heard of but might not be sure of where they stand. Entrepreneurs/ investors will want to know if they/ their portfolio companies figure in this list. To access it you have to share a link on social media and that will unlock this content. The logic is simple; you get something you want; we get a little social media buzz. Nothing wrong with a bit of ‘Quid Pro Quo’ in my opinion.
  3. The last 370 companies are pure gold. These are companies in various stages of growth / deflation. Companies that you may or may not have heard of, use cases you haven’t thought of and opportunities you are yet to uncover. This we will charge you for (Gasp). Why? Because data is worth paying for and this is too good to give away for free. Seriously. So — its 1200 INR that you pay to unlock this piece of content and the data gets mailed to you once the payment is processed.

2nd set of 15 Apps Share to unlock

Last 370 Apps Pay Rs. 1200

Some of this you already knew, but there will be some surprises. There will be companies that you expected to have a much larger mobile presence but are really quite small and vice versa. But what’s the point of data if it doesn’t surprise or inspire or provoke any new thoughts in some way?

Thanks for your time,

Ashish Kapoor

Team KG

P.S. We have removed some of the apps by Google and Jio since their installs are not comparable to other apps (Google apps come pre-installed in the smartphone and Jio apps needed to be installed in order to get the Jio sim). Also the categories provided here are the same as mentioned in Google play store.

P.P.S The time period selected to measure the reach of these Apps is Oct 2016 to June 2017.

KalaGato is an automated audience profiling, segmentation and targeting platform that helps brands reach their customers.

KalaGato is an automated audience profiling, segmentation and targeting platform that helps brands reach their customers.